World premiere

    Susanne Linke - "Hieronymus und der Meister sind auch da"

    World premiere:

    Saturday, 28.10.2017 at 7:30 pm

    at the Große Haus of the Theater Trier

    Am Augustinerhof, 54290 TRIER

    Additional performances on:

    07., 15. and 25.11.2017 // 07.01. and 17.02.2018

    photo: Oliver Look
    photo: Oliver Look

    Choreographer and director: Susanne Linke 

    Set: Alfred Peter

    Sound design: Wolfgang Bley-Borkowski

    Assistant: Miroslaw Zydowicz

    Dance: Lois Alexander, Luiza Braz Batista, Ching-Yu Chi, Héloïse Fournier / Armelle van Eecloo, Lucyna Zwolinska, Darwin José Diaz Carrero, Paul Hess, Robert Przybyl, Gilles Welinski, Victor Alfonso Zapata Cardenas, Sergey Zhukov

    In her creation, Susanne Linke examines the dark side of humanity - with its hubris and supposed omnipotence in dominating the world and others, with its simultaneous powerlessness in being subjected to them.

    In a literal sense, "on a razor´s edge", the dancers moce in rapidly changing constellations, fighting not to let the POUVOIR slip from their hands.

    As in Bulgakov´s "The Master and Margarita" and the Grisaille paintings by Bosch, human phantasms form the background for a ludicrously funny and grotesque piece.

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