Friday, 28th and Saturday, 29th of June 2019 at 20:30 pm

HebelHalle - Künstlerhaus UnterwegsTheater
Hebelstr. 9
69115 Heidelberg

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HebelHalle - UnterwegsTheater

Susanne Linke - Ècoute ... Chopin

„What physical reactions does my body have to Chopin’s piano preludes? The only possibility to make our souls visible is through our bodies.” Susanne Linke

photo: Edoardo Opplinger
photo: Edoardo Opplinger

Susanne Linke thoroughly examines each of her motifs, reviewing, discarding again, starting from scratch. It is a process during which each movement is honed until even the finest ((tiniest)) branchings within the human body are laid open so the emotions’ paths through the body can be traced. The artist’s objective is achieving transparency to a degree that will enable the audience to appreciate the intricate and sensitive ways our bodies can project emotion.

choreography, dance, design: Susanne Linke

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Urs Dietrich - THALAMUS2

"If you are not crazy nowadays, you have a lack of informations." Gabriel Barylli

photo: Dieter Hartwig
photo: Dieter Hartwig

A person assembled of divergent individual parts that don’t fit. It’s well possible that the thalamus, which gives this piece its title, a brain region that is called the “gate to consciousness”, has stopped its operations. Independent of such clinical findings, in his solo Urs Dietrich generally shows a condition of being lost due to excessive demands typical of the times. THALAMUS is the powerful solo act of a dancer who consciously implements fissures and contradictions. He condenses simple details into dramas. The solo researches the secrets inherent in the changes and dissolution of real time. 

choreography, dance, design: Urs Dietrich

sound design: Wolfgang Bley-Borkowski

stage technique: Martin Pilz