NEMMOKNA - A dance piece

    ANKOMMEN (to arrive) - orient yourself "Where am I?" *, position yourself "Where do I come from?" *, present yourself while still being lost, still foreign "Why am I standing here" *

    In the world of dancers, a mix of languages causes a clash. Multiple cultural backgrounds, stories and experiences come to the surface and become dance.

    This is Susanne Linke´s focus for her first creation with the newly founded ensemble. Trier´s big stage with its wonderful technical potential and balanced dimensions, which she spontaneously fell in love with on her first visit to Trier, also plays an important role here.

    Linke´s loving and humorous perspectives on human faults as well as her admiration for Daniil Kharms´ sound poems are also woven into her dance piece, and all of the dancers take this up and realize it in a polyglot and individual way.

    Words like incantations turned into dance.

    * Daniil Kharms: "Ohne Titel", 1929

    Nemmokna - choreographie: Susanne Linke; photos: Bettina Stoess; photomontage: Artwork3
    photographer: Bettina Stoess
    • Premiere:January 30th 2016, Theater Trier; Trier
    • Director:Susanne Linke
    • Choreography: Susanne Linke in cooperation with the dancers 
    • Sound design:Wolfgang Bley-Borkowski
    • Set:Alfred Peter
    • Lighting:Kai Kolodziej
    • Dramaturgy: Waltraut Körver
    • Assistant,

    training director and musical advisor: :Miroslav Zydowicz

    Text improvisation: Mareike Franz

    • Ensemble:Company Susanne Linke

    Luiza Braz Batista, Darwin José Diaz Carrero, Chin-Yu Chi, Héloise Fournier, Mareike Franz, Paul Hess, Kyungwoo Kwon, Elisa Marschall, Robert Przybyl, Yves Ytier, Victor Alfonso Zapata Cardenas, Sergey Zhukov, Lucyna Zwolinska.

    A Theater Trier production, 2015/16 season
    Intendant: Dr. Karl M. Sibelius