Coaching by Susanne Linke for professional dancers, dance groups and companies

COACHING by Susanne Linke


1985+1997   Indien/Madras for a dance group and duet with Chandra Lekha´s dancers

2004/2005    Florenz for the dancers of Versiliadanza (Angela Torriani-Evangelisti, Agostino Aresu, Elisa                                      Barucchieri, Rosella Canciello, Leonardo Diana, Alexija Lyndin, Claudio Malangone, Paolo Mereu,                          Elisabetta Rosso, Paola Vezzosi, Roberta Voltolina) directed by Angela Torriani Evangelisti for the                          solo dances

2005             Grenoble with DIT-Companie dancers for the choreography "Les Louphoques" by Robert Seyfried

2005             Vancouver for a group choreographie by Lola Mac Laughlin

2008             Zurich for the solo dance evening "Lung Mei" by the dancer Denise Lampart

2009             Potsdam for unrecorded solo dances by Mary Wigman with the dancer Fabian Barba

2010             Berlin for the solo dance evening part by Stefanie Velber

2011             Berlin for the duet evening part Rosella Canciello and Simona Manza

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