The power centre of the body in dance

Her life's work includes the INNER SUSPENSION training method developed by Susanne Linke since 1981 which characterises the outstanding dance quality of her choreographies. This unique dance technique forms the basis for her daily work and is described by her as a method that begins within in order to energetically conquer the surrounding space from there, with the wholeness of the body.

Starting from her training with the great German dance artists Mary Wigman, Dore Hoyer, Pina Bausch, Hans Züllig and Jean Cébron, Susanne Linke has continuously developed her training method over the past decades, expanding it and yet reducing it to the essential, timeless and consistently physical.

Her technique allows a theoretical and practical reference to the dance past and remains in the timeless present through its physical-abstract clarity and precision. Susanne Linke has developed this dance technique mainly for her own training. Since 2014 Susanne Linke has been working on recording INNER SUSPENSION, structuring it and making it teachable, with the aim of preserving the dance technique for future generations.  The movement series and their respective themes were developed with Susanne Linke and dancers from her closest artistic environment. 

The film documentation INNER SUSPENSION was made in collaboration with the Tanzfilminstitut Bremen.

INNER SUSPENSION - Susanne Linke - fotomontage: Heidemarie Franz
INNER SUSPENSION - Susanne Linke - fotomontage: Heidemarie Franz

Artistic, pedagogical  concept, Head of training: Susanne Linke

Artistic, pedagogical  collaboration: Urs Dietrich

Conceptional collaboration: Henrietta Horn

Dancers: Luiza Braz Batista, Rossella Canciello, Urs Dietrich, Armelle van Eecloo, Heloise Fournier, Laura Gagliardi, Henrietta Horn, Elisabetta Rosso

Grafics: Heidemarie Franz/

Production: Marion Ziemann

Project management: Inge Zysk

Dramaturgical concept, Interviews: Ulrich Scholz

Screenplay, Direction: Heidemarie Härtel

Camera Operators: Catarina Garcia, Artur Jäger, Emanuel Massa

Assistant Director, Editor: Mirosław Żydowicz 

Sketch art: Kathy Gullion

Music: Hugo Garbrecht

Filmproduction: Deutsches Tanzfilmistitut Bremen

Special thanks to:

Waltraut Körver, Renate Graziadei, Arthur Stäldi and Studio laborgras

Prof. Dr. Stephan Brinkmann, Henrietta Horn

Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen 

INNER SUSPENSION is supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK - STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the initiative "NEUSTART KULTUR. Aid Programme Dance."