The "Hommage à Dore Hoyer" is based on three dance-performances:

AFFECTOS HUMANAOS with 5 solo dances, EFFEKTE (duet) and AFFEKTE (duet)

Reconstruction of these 3 performances for Theater Trier 2016:

choreography and direction: Susanne Linke

premiere: November 26th 2016, Theater Trier; Trier


set design: Alfred Peter, Susanne Linke, Urs Dietrich

video: Johannes Kronen

assistance: Felix Bürkle

stage management: Juliane Hlawati

rehearsal director: Miroslav Zydowicz

dramaturgy: Waltraut Körver

Afectos Humanos - 5 solo dances

Afectos Humanos - choreography: Susanne Linke - 2016 - montage: Heidemarie Franz,
photos: Bettina Stoess, photomontage: Heidemarie Franz

dance: Renate Graziadei

music: Dimitri Wiatowitsch

video: parts of "Dore Hoyer tanzt", 15th of February 1967, Hessischer Rundfunk

Dore Hoyer premiere: 1962 (Eitelkeit, Begierde, Angst, Hass, Liebe) - Susanne Linke premiere: 1987 (Eitelkeit, Begierde, Angst, Liebe, Dolor)

premiere 1987

The copyrights of the works of Dore Hoyer are enclosed by Deutsches Tanzarchiv, Köln. Thanks for the release of the copyright to Prof. Dr. Frank-Manuel Peter.

Affekte - duet

Affekte - choreography: Susanne Linke - 2016 - montage: Heidemarie Franz,
photos: Bettina Stoess, photomontage: Heidemarie Franz

dance: Luiza Braz Batista, Paul Hess

music: The Ondekoza - Devils on Drums, Monochrome II; J.S. Bach: Gloria - Cum Sancto Spiritu, Mass in B Minor

Premiere 1988

Effekte - duet

Affekte - choreography: Susanne Linke - 2016 - montage: Heidemarie Franz,
photos: Bettina Stoess, photomontage: Heidemarie Franz

dance: Lucyna Zwolinska, Sergey Zhukov

music: Wolfgang Bley-Borkowski; Pierre Henry: Messe de Liverpool, communion; Giovanni Batista Pergolesi: Stabat Mater Dolorosa

premiere 1991

Susanne Linke: NEMMOKNA  - A Dance Piece 

Nemmokna - choreographie: Susanne Linke; photos: Bettina Stoess; photomontage: Artwork3
photos: Bettina Stoess, photomontage: Heidemarie Franz

Premiere: January 30th 2016, Theater Trier; Trier

choreography: Susanne Linke in cooperation with the dancers

ensemble - Company Susanne Linke: Luiza Braz Batista, Darwin José Diaz Carrero, Chin-Yu Chi, Héloise Fournier, Mareike Franz, Paul Hess, Kyungwoo Kwon, Elisa Marschall, Robert Przybyl, Yves Ytier, Victor Alfonso Zapata Cardenas, Sergey Zhukov, Lucyna Zwolinska

sound design: Wolfgang Bley-Borkowski

set: Alfred Peter

lightning: Kai Kolodziej

dramaturgy: Waltraut Körver

assistant, training director, musical advisor: Miroslav Zydowicz

text improvisation: Mareike Franz

A Theater Trier production  season 2015/16

Intendant:  Dr. Karl Sibelius


Susanne Linke: RUHR-ORT    (revival) 

(Renegade in residence - reconstruction)

In 1991, Susanne Linke created her legendary piece "Ruhr-Ort"; in it she focused on the men´s work in the steel factories and mines. Physical exhaustion became dance and formed impressive images of the world of labor in the old Ruhr region.

The extraordinary choreography is returning on stage. Susanne Linke is reconstructing "Ruhr-Ort" together with the dancers of the Herner Street-Art Company Pottporus/Renegade. This will be a unique meeting between street art and dance theater, between the old and the new Ruhr region, between dance history and contemporary urban art. 

Susanne Linke Herner Street Art Company Pottporus Renegade Ruhr Ort premiere reconstruction 2014
photos: Bettina Stöß, photomontage: Heidemarie Franz

reconstruction/premiere: January 24th 2014, Schauspielhaus Bochum

choreography and direction: Susanne Linke

performers: Ibrahim Biaye, Alexis Fernandez Ferrera, Said Gamal Sayed, Mohamed, Janis Heldmann, Paul Hess, Julio Cesar Iglesias Ungo, Lin Verleger, Victor Zapata

costume assistant: Pauline Gahlen

stage designer: Frank Leimbach (original), Berit Schog (implementation)

artistic consultant stage: Robert Schad (original)

costume design: Angela Spreer (original), Agnes Langenbucher (implementation)

music: Ludger Brümmer

video: Momme Hinrichs, Torge Møller (fettFILM)

lighting: Wilfried Kresiment (original), Denny Klein

dramaturgy: Waltraut Körver, Sabine Reich

assistants to the production: Felix Bürkle, Adriana Kocijan

assistant stage design: Dennis Duszszak

assistant costume design: Pauline Gahlen

stage manager: Christina Baston


A production in cooperation with Pottporus e.V./Renegade, Herne

Funded by TANZFONDS ERBE - an initiative by the German Federal Culture Foundation with kind support of the Ministery for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of the State of North-Rhine Westfalia

length: 70 minutes

(premiere original performance: 1991, CHOREOGRAPHIES)


Susanne Linke: KAIKOU


"Kaikou" is about transformations: Three men, one woman on stage.

The men appear like archetypes: they hunt, they kill, but also they die. They are simultaneously the hunters and the hunted. It is though they must repeat the same circular patterns: competing and fighting - to win, or maybe to lose. "Kaikou" tells of a struggle of balance: between the animal and human, compulsive behavior and walking upright in civilization.


"Kaikou" plays with ambivalences and alternates on a broad scale between animalistic sleekness and a hard, aggressive attitude. With Urs Dietrich, Henry Montes, and Brice Desault, Susanne Linke presents three very different but strong dancers and personalities who can express themselves on the subject in a multi-faceted way. Sometimes she passes throught this men´s world like a spirit - either to disunite, or perhaps to unify it. -  (Norbert Servos) 

Susanne Linke Kaikou premiere 2011 Radialsystem Berlin photos Bettina Stoess
from left to right: Urs Dietrich, Henry Montes, Brice Desault, Susanne Linke; photographer: Bettina Stöß

premiere: August 19th 2011, radialsystem Berlin in the context of "Tanz im August", berlin

choreography: Susanne Linke

dancers: Susanne Linke, Urs Dietrich, Henry Montes, Brice Desault

music: Wolfgang Bley-Borkowski, Gustav Mahler

costumes: Rupert Franzen

lighting, laser, technical director: Lutz Deppe

light laser assistant: Tomek Ness

artistic assistant: Xenia Leydel

video documentation: Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut Bremen

photos: Bettina Stöß

production management: Inge Zysk

assistant: Mark Donner

production: Susanne Linke

coproduction: Pact Zollverein Essen; Radialsystem V, Berlin

in cooperation with Hebbel-Theater Berlin GmbH/Hebbel am Ufer

with funding from the Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin

supported by:Tanzwerkstatt Berlin, Dock 11 Studios, Laserlight Showdesign Berlin


length:60 minutes


("Kaikou" (solo): premiere 2007; "Kaikou" (group-production): premiere 2011; see CHOREOGRAPHIES