In 1991, Susanne Linke created her legendary piece "Ruhr-Ort"; in it she focused on the men´s work in the steel factories and mines. Physical exhaustion became dance and formed impressive images of the world of labor in the old Ruhr region.


    The extraordinary choreography is returning on stage. Susanne Linke is reconstructing "Ruhr-Ort" together with the dancers of the Herner Street-Art Company Pottporus/Renegade. This will be a unique meeting between street art and dance theater, between the old and the new Ruhr region, between dance history and contemporary urban art. 


    Ruhr-Ort of Susanne Linke, photo: Bettina Stoess; montage:
    photographer: Bettina Stoess

    reconstruction/premiere: January 24th 2014, Schauspielhaus Bochum

    choreography and direction: Susanne Linke

    performers: Ibrahim Biaye, Alexis Fernandez Ferrera, Said Gamal Sayed, Mohamed, Janis Heldmann, Paul Hess, Julio Cesar Iglesias Ungo, Lin Verleger, Victor Zapata

    costume assistant: Pauline Gahlen

    stage designer: Frank Leimbach (original), Berit Schog (implementation)

    artistic consultant stage: Robert Schad (original)

    costume design: Angela Spreer (original), Agnes Langenbucher (implementation)

    music: Ludger Brümmer

    video: Momme Hinrichs, Torge Møller (fettFILM)

    lighting: Wilfried Kresiment (original), Denny Klein

    dramaturgy: Waltraut Körver, Sabine Reich

    assistants to the production: Felix Bürkle, Adriana Kocijan

    assistant stage design: Dennis Duszszak

    assistant costume design: Pauline Gahlen

    stage manager: Christina Baston


    A production in cooperation with Pottporus e.V./Renegade, Herne

    Funded by TANZFONDS ERBE - an initiative by the German Federal Culture Foundation with kind support of the Ministery for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of the State of North-Rhine Westfalia

    length: 70 minutes

    (premiere original performance: 1991, CHOREOGRAPHIES)