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    Susanne Linke: Everything is possible, but...

    Aren´t we a unit of body - soul - spirit?

    This is something that especially a dancing person can - and should be able to - express.

    How does the balance between these three aspects of unity look like today?


    Isn´t the body the only means of making a soul visible that is influenced by our spirit?

    It is the dancer´s responsibility to school and train his instrument, the body, until he reaches such a transparency and permeability as to be able to give shape to all forms.


    Will the work on the form have the same emphasis as the expression?

    Is a concretization of the subject necessary to achieve this?

    How can you work associatively?

    How does one deal with dynamics, rhythm and spaces?

    And how does one deal with the "oh, so exhausting" body techniques?


    There are many steps of formation necessary to reach the unity of work and creator/choreographer/dancer: